Hello fellow wonderer (wanderer),

My name is Denise, I’m a no-nonsense writer and NLP Practitioner who reads a lot, writes a lot and talks too much.

I’m 37 years old and grew up in the small town of Wongarbon, home to only a few hundred people. It is basically in the middle of nowhere, Australia.

I now live in the equally small town of Millthorpe, also home to a few hundred people, with no TV but an awesome teenage son who keeps me well entertained. We’re only a 20-minute sheep and cow scattered drive to the nearest city, so it’s a pretty good spot, really.

Most of what I write is written for myself, first and foremost. I enjoy unravelling perceptions and turning things around for a better outcome, which is exactly why I was interested in NLP. I’ve found that happiness is more to do with your mindset than anything that’s happening externally, although putting that theory into practise easier said than done – but still doable.

Prior to delving into the world of writing, speaking, and…umm…NLP-ing, I was a Tax Accountant for 10 years. It was not a fun experience. I eventually decided I had to make a change, or die unhappy with a nice, stable job. I chose temporary instability for a life I wanted.

I write about the thincropped-13151827_10153718982747648_432550769055689005_n1.jpggs I have struggled with over the years, the things I believe we all struggle with: Failure, relationships, confidence and self-worth. All those delightful and terrible things that make our world incredibly blissful or equally painful. I’d be lying if I said I always got it right, but I’ve certainly learned to shift my mindset and live a much happier life because of it.

On a personal note I have incredibly large biceps, love UFC and can sing the alphabet backwards really, really fast.

Enjoy, and feel free to connect.